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Zoe new chef outfit5Hello! My name is Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen, and I’m one very lucky girl! October 17th, 2009 was almost my last day to live. Instead, it was the beginning of a whole new, wonderful life!!
On that morning, just hours before my time was to be up, Life’s Little Paws Rescue whisked me out of that terrible place…right into my loving family’s home(and very quickly into their hearts !) How lucky was that? And Just recently, I became engaged to the very handsome Dexter James Bryant!
Despite my good fortune and happiness, it hurts my heart to know that so many others in my situation are not so fortunate. My family, future in-laws and I are passionate about helping save as many lives as possible, and I think we found a good way to help! For our upcoming Wigglebutt Wedding, we are asking that in lieu of wedding gifts, our guests send a donation to Life’s Little Paws . This will give me a chance to ‘pay it forward’ and enable them to save many more lives, just like they saved mine…..

I am now married to Dexter. We had our #WigglebuttWedding on June 16, 2013 to raise funds to help the rescue who saved me. It was a fabulous event and Mom and my MILs decided to go into business to run fundraisers to help rescue every year! Dexter and I pledged in our vows to become Wigglebutt Warriors, crusading to save dogs’ lives!

I’m writing my own cookbook and filming cooking videos focusing on healthy treats and meals for dogs! We are very excited about it! Check out my new jewelry line for dogs, too!